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Dosbarth Gwyrdd Year 2 Mrs Davies

Summer Term 2022

Class newsletter Summer 2022

Spring Term 2022

Dosbarth Gwyrdd

My Home, Your Home

Our Topic this term has been “My Home, Your Home,’ looking at our own homes, the local area, materials used, homes from the past and houses across the world. We have walked around the village, observing all the different kinds of houses, created graphs using Google Chrome and will soon enjoy a visit to St Ffagan’s Museum to look at how homes have developed.



We have said farewell to our amazing student Karla Brading. She has worked so hard with Year 2, leading them forward in their learning and as an author herself, she has aimed to inspire a love of reading within the children wherever possible. Also, a few of Year 2 have completed their Reading Wheel Challenge and chosen a book from the Vending machine.



For our STEM project, the children decided to look at the homes of birds and had good fun trying to build nests which could hold a certain weight of egg. They certainly had to use their problem solving skills on this task – it wasn’t as easy as they had thought – and they can now appreciate how skilful birds need to be, building their homes without hands!!





We are also Guiness Book World Record Breakers! As a class, we took part in the Urdd’s attempt to break two world records to celebrate the Urdd’s Centenary Year. We had to learn the song ‘Mistar Urdd’ and upload videos.

Click on Mr Urdd to hear the song.


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