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Welcome Back September 2020

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Timetable for week commencing 20.04.2020

 Spring Term 1

Land of the Dinosaurs


This term is all about exploring the past and the Land of the Dinosaurs.

We will be focusing on the following skills




Language Literacy and Communication

Talk for Writing text

We’re going on a Dino Hunt.

1)Talk about the story. Sequence the story using pictures. Draw their own pictures to sequence – simple story map

2) Draw and name their favourite obstacle and why they like it e.g. the snow because it is cold. Can they think of their own obstacle?

3) Acting out the story using props, masks etc. Film using ipad. Can they peer/ self asses using shooting star, roaring rocket?

Dinosaur poem – play with words. Range of dinosaur stories – The dino that pooped etc.

Trace around a dinosaur to develop pencil control and name him. Describe him.

Ask questions to a dinosaur. Record and use as part of pupil voice.

Adjectives– record in a dinosaur footprint. Use these to model sentences – my dinosaur is ….


Mathematics and Numeracy

This area of learning will be supported by the text "Dinosaurs love Underpants".

Dino hunt to match the quantity of dinosaurs to the number / Numicon. Number line – which number is missing? Number fans. This term numbers to 10.

Writing numbers in order on the dino underpants – washing line. Put 2 dinosaurs in the swamp. Formation of numbers. Number of the week – focus 5 to 10.

MORE AND LESS vocabulary 

Size – big dinosaurs and small. Sort according to size.

Measure dinosaur footprints.

Sorting and matching dinosaur families – same size, same colour etc – use dinosaur toys.

Days of the week – clean pants for each day.

Repeating Patterns for pants.

Prepositional language - can you find the dinosaur?



Make own fossils using salt dough. Imprint small dinosaur toy, foot print into dough and bake in the Halogen oven. Label and display – use in small world tuff spot – fossil dig.

Make maps of the dino hunt based on what we see.

Sorting dinosaurs according to their attributes – do they fly, swim, long tails etc.

Dinosaur teeth and our teeth – tooth brushing.

What happened to the dinosaurs – can the pupils give a sensible suggestion. To learn the term extinct.


Expressive Arts

Making own dinosaurs using paper plates.

Make dinosaur bones using kitchen roll and PVA glue on card shapes.

Dinosaur underpants based on story Dinosaurs love Underpants – create own using pattern and colour.

Percussion instruments for how the dinosaurs would move.

Make dough dinosaurs. Name colours. Develop fine motor skills

Dinosaur eggs – paper mache.


Health and Wellbeing

Moving like a dinosaur – PE sessions on Thursday Afternoons. Name and show model of dinosaurs.

Your favourite dinosaur and why – P4C.

Follow the leader taking dinosaur steps.

Making dinosaur trails using paint – footprints, trundle wheels, mops etc.

PSE – caring for a dinosaur egg, what does it need? What will the baby dinosaur need when it hatches?

How do we feel when we are cross or angry?

Friendship – what makes a good friend?


Science and Technology

Dinosaur hunt – can we find the dinosaurs hidden around school based on the description?

Labelling parts of the dinosaurs body. Do they have the same body parts as us? Do we look like dinosaurs?

Sorting dinosaurs into herbivores and carnivores – tasting the foods e.g. lettuce and ham.

Use shapes to make dinosaur. Reinforce colours.

Saving the dinosaurs from the ice.

Saving the Dinosaurs from Harry's bucket.

Finding out if the tallest dinosaurs have the largest feet.  

Autumn Term 2

Nursery Rhymes


We will be learning a nursery rhyme per week over this term and then finish with our Christmas celebrations.



The nursery rhymes we will be covering are:

Humpty Dumpty

Incy Wincy Spider

Grand Old Duke of York

Pat A Cake

Old Macdonald


Language, Literacy and Communication

In this area we will be learning each nursery rhyme, sequencing the rhyme, talking about the characters and what happens. We will be looking at giving and listening to instructions. 

Activities include:

Sequencing how to make egg sandwiches

Creating a spider supper menu

Listening to the animal call and guessing the animal

Acting out the rhyme and answering questions about it.

Creating a simple story map

Forming initial sounds using icing.


Mathematics and Numeracy

In this area we will be reinforcing our number work to 5 - recognising numbers, matching numbers, formation of these numbers, counting amounts to 5 and using the Numicon to 5. 

We will also be looking at:

Simple 2d shapes

Counting all the kings horses and all the kings men



Comparing big and small

Sorting animals

Prepositions - top middle and bottom

Weight - heavy and light


Expressive Arts

1) Jigsaw of Humpty to put back together. Printing bricks for Humpty’s wall.

2) Paper plates pipe cleaners to make spider. Splatter painting.

3) Act out the story. Move like an animal

4) Make soldiers hat. Marching to a steady beat.

5) Decorating cakes. Filling containers to make shakers.



1) WW1 Centenary - Celebratory Week

2) Noah’s Ark story

3)Where do different animals live? Why are they suited to that environment?

4) Our local environment – hills

5) Jobs in our local area – bakery visit.


Health and Wellbeing

1)Feelings – can they label and describe their feelings? Egg and spoon races. Jump off low wall and roll.

2) Friendship web – how do we look after each other?

3) How do we look after pets? Look after our class pet. Moving like animals whilst singing Old Macdonald

4) Physical assault course. Marching up and down.

5) Healthy eating


Science and Technology

1) Eggs investigation.  What animals come from eggs? 

2)Where does the rain come from? Minibeasts hunt. The rain cycle – soak cotton wool in water – what happens? Evaporation – water in saucer where has it gone?

3) Match baby to mother. Safari animal hunt. What do animals eat?

4) Computer skills DCF

5) Hydrogen oven to make cakes

Croeso i Dosbarth Coch!

Nursery - Mrs Cave


Autumn Term 2018

Topic 1 - Me Myself and I


This term we will be learning all about ourselves, our family and where we live.

During this term all Nursery pupils will take part in the Compact Profile.


We will be learning the story '5 Little Fiends' and completing story work about this tale.

Click on this link to hear the story



Our main focus this term will be on number work - looking at recognising numbers 0-5, forming these numbers and counting objects up to 5.

We will be singing a range of songs to help us with this. 

Click here to listen and sing along to some songs.



In this area we will cover RE, History and Geography.

As part of our History work we will look at ourselves as babies and how we have grown and will be looking at our family tree to find out about our past.

In Geography we will look at our school and finding out where everything is, and extending this to the immediate local area getting out and about exploring our village. We will then make simple photographic maps based on this. 


Expressive Arts

In this area we are looking at colour. We will learn the Rainbow Song and explore the three primary colours. We are then looking at what happens when we mix these colours together. 

We will also be practicing our cutting skills using scissors. 


Health and Well being

In this area we are looking at developing our own independence to do things like take our shoes and coats on and off. We also need to settle into school and get used to our new surroundings and new routines. 


Science and Technology

In this area we will look at cooking healthy foods and making healthy choices when eating. We are also going to be learning about the computers and ipads and how to work them. 



Parents Open Day

We had a fabulous time during our open afternoon. We sang the Rainbow Song and showed our Mums and Dads around our new classroom.

The main points of information from the meeting were to develop the children's independence. Please help your child learn how to take their shoes, socks and coats off on their own.

We are also advising parents to label absolutely EVERYTHING! Items with names on can be returned to you easily. This includes bags, coats, cardigans, jackets, umbrellas, lunch boxes, fruit pots and water bottles.

Please place all fruit clearly labelled in the black pots on the blue table outside the ramp. This is helping us greet the children easier.

Any money should be placed in an envelope detailing what the money is for and handed to Mrs Minard in the office.

Mrs Cave is the class teacher Monday to Thursday and Mrs Howard is the class teacher on Friday.

Miss Jones and Miss Bush are our LSA's. 

If you have any queries please make an appointment to come and see us.

Many thanks Mrs Cave and Mrs Howard