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Dosbarth Aur Year 6 Mr Mee

Summer Term 2022

Class newsletter Summer 2022

Spring Term 2022

Dosbarth Aur


To start the term, the pupils participated in STEM Week. Their major task was to make their own shoes from recycled materials. These shoes had to fit their feet and they had to be able to walk in these shoes. Their designs were amazing!






As part of their topic the pupils have learned about famous arctic explorers and they have also researched polar animals which they will have to present about later in the term.

The pupils have also started a transition topic with Afon Taf, which includes regular visits from a music teacher to rehearse songs and choreography from the musical Grease.

In Maths, the pupils really enjoyed completing outdoor area and perimeter challenges. They will also design their own frisbee golf course and run their own tournament in order to do some data handling.

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